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Myma... Ghar jaisa nahi, ghar ka khana!

Missing your mom's yummy food? Had enough of this same taste & unhealthy outside food?

What if we say you can order food from any nearby house instead of Restaurants?

Yes, its simply possible because every mother, every housewife are on mission of providing healthy food from Sabji Roti to Pizza.. 100% homemade direct from kitchen.

India is the country of tastes and every nearby family which is from different parts of our county has its unique food preparation. Myma concept will not only solve the problem of needy who are looking home food but also foodies can get real taste, authentic food of every region from nearby house. To serve everyone healthy and tasty food every housewife is offering food which she prepares for her family.

To order HEALTHY and TASTY home food, to join us as a Myma...

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Myma Concept Myma Concept
Myma Concept

Being a Mom, we understand importance of good health and healthy food. Its very painful for every Mom when anyone suffer due to this unhygenic and unhealthy outside food. Knowing that we can't change the reality of outside food or restrict everyone from eating it, we all Moms have came together with a simple solution... Myma - Ghar Jaisa Nahi, Ghar Ka Khana!

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